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Universe - August 5, 2011

Every once in a while I am sent a note from the Universe that's tailored just for me.  I thought I'd share this one, simply because it struck a precise chord:

The great thing about feeling deep, profound, earthshaking love, is that you can start with anyone. 

    The Universe

Everyone is worthy.


...short, simple, and yet it hit me deeply.  I'll say it again:  Everyone is simply doing their best.   Thank you!

Much love,


Music and Feng Shui - July 10, 2011

Recently we were browsing a new "used" bookstore here in Parker, Colorado.  Among the piles of heavily used books, my wife stumbled upon some old Feng Shui books, one of which she took to the counter.  Later that evening, as she read excerpts aloud, it dawned on us that there were plenty of things we could do around us to change the flow of energy.  Now some folks don't like or believe in this stuff...but I certainly do.  I woke up the next morning early and couldn't go back to sleep as thoughts flooded my head about how we use space.  By nightfall, I had completely rearranged two rooms in our house, and had a small epiphany for my studio.  The results were refreshing - to say the least.  One of the rooms went from being cluttered and disorganized to now being one of our favorite rooms in the house!  My studio feels slick and sharp, and I think I've dug up 5 new compositions in 2 days.  I guess I could chalk it up to coincidence or simple inspiration.  However, the energy that I'm tapping is definitely rejuvenating and fun.  If you've ever found yourself stuck, ever felt like something is blocked and you're not moving forward with your project; change things up.  Give it a try.  As I went through this process I kept telling myself, "Well, if I don't like it, I can always change it back."  Fortunately, this mental leverage allowed me the freedom to really open things up, and the creativity followed.  

Until our paths cross again, my friend, much love!


Reinvention - June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice!

I'm kinda eager to get some new stuff in the air (or on the airwaves) these days.  I feel like I've fidgeted with every button, tweaked every knob, and bumped every fader I've got.  Makes me wonder if perfection is possible, especially when that really wasn't the goal I was shooting for.  The bottom line is that a song is a song... but it's kinda like being a chef: appearance and blend have everything to do with taste.    So to balance things out, I've been trying to take some time to get away from music writing/recording/playing.   I've been trying to create space to read a book, listen to music outside my own genre (which is still hard for me to totally capture), or even catch a fish or two.  While this might seem easy or normal to most people, I think I'm trying to find a way out of a box that I've built around myself and the music I'm creating.   Besides, these activities have actually fostered some great new ideas for songs and sounds.  If I can just get them recorded and shaped just right, I could...


Hope to hear from you again soon, my friend,


2011 kickoff - February 4, 2011

Mi Amigos,
I apologize once again for being out of the proverbial loop. There have been a lot of changes here at Winterflower Studios. As always, I've been working on new material, finding fun new incarnations of older favorites, and doing a little overhaul on the studio. I'm also excited about what my new little recording package is able to offer; so many sounds, so little time. For those of you who've stayed in touch, I will definitely let you know when upcoming performances are scheduled. And who knows - I may have a surprise lined up when all is said and done.

If I haven't heard from you lately, drop me a line.

Momentos - September 15, 2010

So, I was working on a new song the other night. I'm digging the lyrics and the key, right, but something seems to be missing. I Couldn't figure out what it was. So I let it be. The next day I was furiously moving things around in the backseat of my car looking for a folder I misplaced. I came upon a book I had purchased at the bookstore a few weeks back that talked about my newest Mac recording suite. As I glanced through it, I started noticing all kinds of things that the workstation could do...I just hadn't read far enough to make the connection. So the next night I get back to the song, and all of a sudden I'm not trapped anymore. In fact, just the opposite is true. I've got this limitless pallet of colors, textures, and schemes to build into the music that I end up spending the next 2 weeks just playing with the sounds and having fun making music.

I tell you this because every once in a while I have these epiphanies. If I'd have pushed for the song's composition prior to finding that book I would have been further behind, rather than blazing ahead. Which brings me to my point. It's better to love what you're doing and let it flow together the way it's supposed to, than to push out product hoping what comes out is relatively "good enough." I love the new sound...and I think you will too.

Keep humming that tune, baby, and I hope I see you soon!

Solo vs. Band - July 14, 2010


I'm happy to announce that I'm going to have some solo sets popping up here 'n there.  Yes, Burn Sun Burn is still burning the midnight oil.  In the meantime, I'm going to be playing some solo sets around town.  For example, on Wednesday July 28,  I'll be hitting Meadowlark opening for touring act Mark Matos and OS Beaches.  I may also show up in a bar, lounge, or coffee shop near you soon.  What I ask of you is that you pick up where we left off. The crimp in the upper corner of the page, if you will.  Come down to a set, give the sound a listen, and tell me what you think.  Certainly, there will be other sounds and sights added as the band unfolds.  However, on a personal level, I want to know that the tunes are heard for what they are...where they originated.  And this is my opportunity to do just that.  

I'll see you there, mi amigo.


Song of the Year - June 29, 2010

Hey Friends,

For all of you who've given such great feedback over the years about the music, I thought you'd be interested to know that Song of the Year's International songwriting contest ranked "Butterfly" as a top 5 finalist in the Adult Contemporary category.   See for yourself right here .  You can hear EOTW's rendition right here (click "ear candy" link at the top).  A special thanks to Charlie "twinkle fingers" Miller whose piano artistry was the perfect backdrop for the song.  It was one of the first songs that Charlie and I played together.  We musta hit every coffee shop across Denver as a duet for a few years before we threw it down as a band.  Good times!

Just passing along the love.  If you've got love of your own, feel free to pass it on to us!


Fun & Sun rhyme! - June 4, 2010

Hi fellow travelers!

Just a quick update to bring you up to speed.  This site looks a little crazy right now because it's really a transitional portal for my solo music, former Edge of the World music, AND the smashing new sounds and sites of Burn Sun Burn!  Someone once told me that every relationship you have is really preparing you for the next one.  Well, it took approximately 9 nanoseconds to build this new project, and I have no doubt it's going to be the best yet.   Having said that, I should warn you that we wont have a solid recording for a minute or two.  I'll try to post some session tunes, but it'll be the rough stuff until we work out the kinks.

Don't forget to checkout some of the prior recordings...all found under the "Ear Candy" link above.   I'll add the link for EOTW's disc here to make it easy for those of you who need things easy.

As always, send email and positive thoughts our way.  This music thing takes time, but as a good buddy of mine told me recently, "Focus on the music.  You just do what it takes, wherever that leads you."

Edge of the World: Edge of the World

May flowers - April 27, 2010

Happy Spring my friends!

The incredible thing about Spring is that no matter how many Springs you've encountered, it always feels like a time of revitalization and rebirth.  I love that.  There's so much energy in the air as things warm up, and momentum takes us headfirst into the Summer months.

As you may (or may not be) aware, Edge of the World is going through some growing pains as well.  While I'm not quite sure what that will mean, I can tell you that despite circumstances I'm pretty jazzed about where this thing is headed.  There's nothing more exciting than knowing that the world of possibilities is again going to create something special with the music we put out.  Having said that, all options are on the table.  Band name change?  Maybe.  Sound change?  Likely.  Cast and crew change?  We'll see.

Above all else, I want to tell all of the folks who have shown support for both myself and this band that we are indebted to you for helping us roll through the good times, and push through the challenges.  I promise that as you continue checking back, changes will show...and I think when you (and I) discover what those are, we're both going to sit back and say, "Now that's some frickin' awesome music!"

Love to my peeps!


New baby too?!?! - February 10, 2010

A friend I hadn't connected with in a while called up the other day.  He said, "So, you still doing the music thing?"   I said, "Sure am!  We gotta disc out now, booking some local shows, putting together some new tunes (adding in clips of covers here and there), got the website up alongside a myspace page, probably have enough music for the next disc already...need to start working on that, got a few interviews set up, and..."  He cut me off and asked if I still worked a "real job."  Now the comment was odd, but the answer was still "yup."  "And to top it off, Charlie "twinkle digits" Miller and family just welcomed their new baby into the world."

My buddy was quiet.  He took the low tone.  "Hate to tell ya, man.  Babies always mean the band's about to come to an end."  Then I laughed out loud.  Josh, Charlie and I all have kids (a few are still babies).  Hasn't stopped us yet.  In fact, I want to say that in many ways it's our families who push us to keep at it.  Our wives push us out the door to play music because they know how much it means to us.  Clearly my old friend has not seen the video clip of my little fry girl belting out "Use Somebody" by KOL.  Music plays all day long at my house, as I know it does in the homes of Chas and Josh.

It dawned on me (as these things tend to do), that the three of us really have something special going on.  And while it may feel like there's pressure to truck our musical bandwagon around and collect listeners wherever we go, that the wonderful thing about us is that we play music because it's who we are.  It's not who we're trying to be.  And whether our lives continue to roll us up to the Edge of the World, or somewhere else altogether, the beautiful thing is that EOTW is a killer expression of who we are and what we're about.

In case you're wondering, we hit the Larimer Lounge in Denver on 2/25/10 @ 8pm.  Not only will WE be playing, but so will a couple other really great bands. (Jesse and the Reconning, Hollow Younge).  

Finally, if you have ears and love great music, please come flash us your face.  You can also give us a listen here (click the ear candy link) or at:    

'Til we meet again,


I just like saying, "Twenty Ten." - January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 everyone!  If you're reading this, then my hope is that you've registered your email with us (little box on the left), have received the latest EOTW e-newsletter...and know how you're going to grab yourself a free cd.  If, however, you have not joined our email list, then I'll give you a sec to enter it real quickly, and then come right back...

*whistling Jeopardy theme song*

There.  Now don't you feel happier?  I do.  And just for that, I'm going to fill you in on some other secrets as well.  Firstly, we've uploaded more song clips on this site, so be sure and check them out.  Secondly, I'd encourage you to check our songs every so often.  I like to wake up some mornings and just dump a whole EOTW song on the site available for free download.  Sure, that only saves you $.99, but doesn't it always feel good to score something for nothing just for being in the right place at the right time?  I love that feeling, so I'll pass it along.  Here's where it gets even sweeter.  If you join our email list and send me an email naming an EOTW song that you'd like to be downloadable for free...I'll make sure that within a week I'll post a downloadable version for 8 hours or so.  Then you (and all the peeps you know) can get on and grab the song for free.  Hey...but have them add their email to our list.  After all, you had to :)

My last secret isn't really that much of a secret, it's more of a wish.  And that wish is that I our paths cross this year.  It's gonna be a great one...the best one yet.  And as busy as things are these days, it's always the people we meet and hang out with that make playing music (and life in general) so much fun.

Say it again, 2010...ooohhhh, I love that!

Mucho Amor,



OH...and don't forget to hit up (click on the thumbs up pic) to hear clips from our new album, and grab a few songs or the whole enchilada at your leisure.

New places to find us... - December 1, 2009

Come on, kids.  Use that little cursor and find EOTW popping up all over the web:

sales & promotion



Hang on tight.  You never know where we'll spring up next...

"Someday" is today! - October 21, 2009

I remember saying, "Someday I'm going to be back on stage with an awesome band." "Someday we're going to cut a new CD and get our music into the public arena." "Someday we'll have our own website." Welp friends, here it is. Someday is today!!! We've got the disc at the replicator's, we're heading to the stage (well, we've already been doing that), and if you're reading this then you recognize this as our new official website & home. No more wishing, baby! Someday is today, and Edge of the World is happy to be here! Now I have only one request of you, my fellow music lovers/supporters. I ask that you take the time to let us know you've seen the site. Shoot us an email and let us know what you think. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter (and random free giveaways), then head to that little box on the left and leave us your email. Seriously, if we were playing just for the love of playing and the inherent art...we'd stay in the total isolation of my basement. Instead, we want you to hear us. We want to connect, know what you like, and provide you with an incredible music experience. So don't tell me someday you'll check out our cd, someday you'll get to a gig, and someday you'll check out our website.   Sign in, connect with us, and let your someday be today! Much love my friends, todd

Next up...Summer '09! - June 1, 2009

Just to warn you, this Todd Helvig site may soon morph into the EOTW hub. Yes, Edge of the World is finding it's stride, and I'm crazy busy keeping her on her feet. I haven't gigged a solo set in over a year ~ and I gotta say it's sooo sweet. There's nothing better than firing up a song with musicians who feel the love from the first chord. We're still grinding out the tunes for a disc (and digital downloads fellow iTuners), however my newest trend is...well...patience. I know that plenty of musicians and bands want to crank out their recordings so that they've got something to promote and sell. While these are good motives for EOTW too, what's most important is that the vibe and energy is dead center. This group has so much passion that if we can harness even a smidgen of it and dab it on our tunes it'll be felt from here to Zimbabwe.

Pppppleeeaaaase hit up our site on myspace if you get a chance: and/or give a listen to our electronic press on
JOIN OUR MAILING LIST (EOTW or Todd Helvig) by signing up to the one here on this site! Yup, look to the top/right of the grey on this page. Why not? We wont spam ya! However we may give you great opportunities to win funky stuff and hang out with our cool selves on occasion. What more could you ask for? And to those of you who send us a little email here and there...keep it up, we love it! Those of you who don't...shame on you!

love & devotion,

Newsy Woosey - April 26, 2009
That's our new EPK, baby! check the tunes! check the pics, calendar, press...whatever! Josh promises to lay out a new logo from his etchy-sketchy brain, but we're gonna have to be patient with "the artist."

and if this isn't enough, we've got even more tunes in the hopper. If EOTW hasn't caught your attention, please lend us your ear. We'll make a fan of you yet!


It's been a minute - April 1, 2009

Friends, I'm not quite sure how much busier life can get, but my obstinate side keeps challenging her to give me more. As you loyal beagles know, Edge of the World is where my energy goes these days. Charlie, Josh and I have been laying down tracks 'til the studio throws up it's arms and says, "We give already...can we go home now?" Fortunately, it's just too fun to stop. Each time we get together we create this fresh kaleidoscope of sounds.

Here's where I ask for your patience. I know that on facebook and such I have boasted about the new tunes. I promise they are on the way. But the little perfectionist in me has been working the tunes inside and out for clarity and purpose. It's tedious, but someone's gotta do it.

Give me a week, and there will be some new tunes here (tunes/clips) and on Best yet, I'm working on a new band website that will hopefully be an easy link for everyone to add to their favorites.

Ok, gotta get back to the music. But for you folks out there who send emails, check in with the band, ask for new music, etc...thank you, thank you, thank you. We make music because it's our passion. We share it because you care.
Much love as always,

2009 Update - January 5, 2009

My fellow journeypeeps,
Here we go again...another January. What a cool calendar we have that allows us to begin again every 12 months. We can shake off the past like an old, sweaty t-shirt, and get into something fresh...something that's still boasting the scent of the dryer sheet.

Well, here's a few new spins for ya! The tide has taken a direction toward the Edge of the World. Yup, the new name seems to have peaked some curiosity, and feels a whole lot cooler than "The Mavericky Maverick Helvig Band." With a new name comes (of course) a new website for you to check out. Firstly, you'll have to hit: . The plan is to post what we record (live, session, or demo) there for the ears of the eternal. Yes, many of the songs are re-do's of some former singer/songwriter favs. But you, faithful friend and ally, get to hear it all and come to your own conclusions. If you want to review the songs of yesteryear's Celophayne, or Singer/songwriter Todd Helvig's super songs... go to . The good people at cdbaby have even set it up so that you can download mp3s of entire albums for just pennies (that makes every songwriter feel good, doesn't it?)!

Ok, enough. Just use your ears, keep in touch, and we'll tackle this thing together. I'm thinking our next chance to meet this year will be at the Edge of the World...

Nothing but love,

The Band - December 8, 2008

As many of you may know, I've been putting a "band" spin on the music lately. Josh Williamson has been holding down the rhythm section with his all-in-one drummanship. Charlie Miller floats a tidbit of the pad with a huge wallop of alternative jazz harmonization. We still haven't found our bassist-to-be, but I'm pretty sure we're on a collision course...and he's just rehearsing the flow until we meet.

So, you've checked out our gig schedule...and you see that we haven't got much lined up right now. What gives, you ask??? Well, luckily we're still working diligently on the sound under a yet-to-be-identified bandname. And lucky us, we get to record and compose new material all the way through. Now guess where that new sound will be posted in the days to come? Yup, right here. It will likely also be on Charlie's website, myspace, facebook, and anywhere else we can post it.

You, my friend, have two assignments: 1) Send us your favorite bandname (preferrably one not yet taken)...and Jerry, you're not allowed to contribute. 2) Keep checking back, send us your kind thoughts and warmest wishes for the coolest sound yet to drop.

Thanks all, and as always, muchos lovos.

Election Day - November 4, 2008

I usually pitch music material here, but thought I'd take a second to share some recurrent thoughts:

Firstly, what unbelievable times, eh?! For most of us, that has meant unbelievable benefits...and unbelievable losses. Even so, while riding this roller coaster, I've been transfixed on watching the evolution.

I want to start by saying that I feel so very grateful for the enthusiasm and energy that's being built around people supporting people these days. Perhaps it's the economic crisis. Maybe it's the toll that long war campaigns take on us, or the tragedy that natural disasters can leave in their wake. Whatever it is, people seem to be taking stock of what's most important, and where their hearts really exist. What's beautiful is that in that place we tend to find each other. Those close to us; our families, friends, and neighbors who realize that when all else fails, we've got each other and the love that binds us. Money, war, business, property, polititcs...all wax and wane as we take this journey. And yet, it's the connection with the people...the spirits around us and inside our hearts...that give us hope, hold us when we falter, and lift us upward and onward. Just as we are lifted, so can will lift those around us and reinvigorate the roll that "community" and "society" play in our collective growth and transformation.

In this vein, inevitably, someone will ask, "What about negative people?...
What about evil?" Will there always be negativity and fear; dogma and isolation; extremists and atrocity? Well, you and I both know it's out there in the world. Unfortunately, there is a strong energy associated with fear and anger...but that energy is self-limiting. By that I mean that negative energy's pull first attempts to draw others into it, and then isolates and insulates itself for preservation. the fallout is that those involved (while involved) cannot get stronger, wiser, or elevate above their circumstances. They remain stuck. Sadly even challenging those beliefs and ideologies tends to do nothing more than create stronger defense and resistance. So, you ask, what's the take-away?

Well we do what all historically insightful teachers and leaders have challenged us to do: We find ways to share love, hope, and positive energy with all with whom we contact and connect. We start our days with positive intentions, a mission to share our good thoughts, good feelings, and energy. And just like the research that says sharing a smile creates a smile, we share with others the love and light on which we focus. As opposed to negative energy, this positive energy then builds upon itself and extends itself across the fabric of time and space; ingredients of this world, and perhaps beyond...

Alright, there you have it. That's what you get from a shrink-think-musicman. Send your thoughts to ! I'd love to hear from you, my friends and colleagues, on this great journey we're taking together. The Flobots say it best..."We rise together."

My Friends - June 20, 2008

Whether you're checking in, or checking out...don't forget to leave a footprint. It's the only way you'll be found. I'm counting on you, my friends, to listen to our new music, and throw us your support If you haven't taken the time to do so, then take a second and do it now. You can listen to the tunes here, click on the youtube clip, visit:, and NOW get even more involved by visiting me at It's a new community site that I hope to keep pumped with thoughts, blurbs, and developments. Sure, you'll get some of that here...but why not get it everywhere you can?

As always, my friends define me...and I always hope to reciprocate :)


Todd 'n Charlie on YouTube - May 26, 2008

Newsflash ~ Helvig endorsement update! - March 3, 2008

Having received hundreds of thousands of emails inquiring as to who I’ll be endorsing in both the upcoming demican & republicratic primaries, I have prepared the following statement:

While I appreciate the acknowledgment that my decision on this issue carries a great deal of weight and responsibility, I cannot, in good conscience, fully endorse any prospective candidate at this point in time.

Now to many of you, this will seem like a “safe” position during this crucial phase of our country’s progress. I regret leaving you hanging like a Floridian chad, but I think you’ll agree that there is much ground left to be covered…and many fundamental questions left to be answered. For instance, which candidate will go beyond unifying party lines to unite kingdoms, philums, classes, and even orders? Which candidate possesses a mastered arsenal of wordage such that he/she can wordsmith to entire world nations on the fly? And which candidate(s) can recognize that the experiential parachute exercise in elementary school gym class is second only in importance to the sheer number of sit-ups, pull-ups, and height of rope climb a 9-year-old can muster? These are but cursory examples of the breadth and depth with which I examine potential leaders. Everyone wants to have the peace-of-mind that they can head to work on November 5th with confidence in knowing that our next President will be physically by his/her side (a virtual Mike Rowe if you will).

Now I hope that you recognize my unbelievably difficult and challenging position. I don’t want to mislead or misdirect the masses. Instead, I’m hopeful that together we can patiently peel these onionatic layers and expose our true nugget of a leader. Not to mention that should I endorse a loser I’m no better than that guy who’s stuck with a “Nader ‘08” bumper sticker on the tail of his Corvair.

Stay tuned. No excuses.

Calendar for 2008 - February 20, 2008

I hope the year has started out well for you all. If you've checked in with me lately, you know that pretty cool things are happening for the Helvig Project (I've considered various spellings ala Projekt...but ends up kinda hokey dontcha think?). More musicians onboard, more possibilities to gig, new music, and digitally re-kindled oldies...well, as old as any Helvig song really is.

And here's where you can play a role. If you've got a favorite hangout, or a cool venue you enjoy heading to, you've GOT to let me know. Doesn't matter if you're one of my old buds in MN, a myspace groupie from Mexico, a passerby from CA, or a rocker in Japan. You gotta tell me the joint you dig, and I'll do my darndest to work it out somehow. Of course, I'll expect you to show up and share the love...but that shouldn't be too difficult if I make it to your backyard, should it? In all honesty, I want a list of the best places here at home and abroad to book. Email me at and let me know where you've been and what spots have been magical for you. Don't worry, I've got the big ones on the list (Madison SG, ...but I'm looking for the hole-in-the-the-wall joints with killer ambiance and sound that get passed by when the major label comes to town. I'll probably never hook up with a major label because of my attitude, but I will guarantee you could hear some of the most incredible musicians jamming with me, up close and personal...if you'll let me know "the spot" in your area. Nothing to lose, everything to gain...what better odds than that?
'til we meet again,

Room for Gorillas - January 22, 2008

How do you say thanks for the intangibles? Thank you for a word, a sound, a heartbeat? Well, I'm not too sure, but I am sure that the Gorilla Room opened my eyes to some pretty amazing things. First, there are incredible people out there with unlimited talent and skill just waiting to be found (aka Charlie Miller). Second, the coolest listeners will still find their way to the gigs. Whether it's 30, 2 or 10, you guys are definitely the icing. Lastly, venues continue to emerge as honest, cool, and quaint, yet full of life, personality and energy. Thank you Gorilla Room for supporting local music, our music, and us. Denver needs more rooms for gorillas!

As always, much love my friends,
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