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Burn Sun Burn: Bios

Todd Helvig - Singer/Songwriter

Singer/Songwriter Todd Helvig shows his grit as his newest project Burn Sun Burn lights up. A 2010 "Song of the Year" finalist in the Adult Contemporary category for his song "Butterfly," Todd continues his presence as a neo-contemporary songsmith. The music of BSB ranges from the quiet and contemplative "Tuesday," to the all out, driving, rock-acoustica that is "Knuckles White." Through BSB, Todd is clearly pushing the songwriting envelope into bold, new territory.
Raised in the midwestern United States, classically trained as a singer, and hauling around a PhD in Clinical Psychology, Todd designs a style of music where the melody locks in your ear while drawing your mind into layered, meaty lyrics. He truly has the kind of voice that adds gravity to innocence and impact to serenity.
With a nod to some of the most influencial, socially-conscious, singer/songwriters of our day ~ Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel - and a healthy dose of Chris Cornell ~ Todd blends the angst, irony, and passion of the past with the voice of the here, now, and "Who-the-hell-is-driving-this-bus?" He approaches the stage with humility and wit; strapped into his guitar, wearing a smile for what's to come, he opens up and flat-out lays his heart on the mic.

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